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as a business' image

Companies utilize the Vitruvian man in their logo and/or corporate images - perhaps this classical image protrays an air of establishment, as well as embodying, variously, art, architecture, and balance.

City Square Associates, a consulting firm that claims to "bring the perspective of the arts and humanities to the practice of research and consulting." They seem to use the Vitruvian man to embody the entirety of "the arts and humanities."

source: City Square Associates

dotShop "is more than just another web development company." They consider themselves cyber architects, and hence take on the Vitruvian Man, and other images relating to both Leonardo and modern architecture.

Vitruvian Arts also stresses the importance of good architecture in its designs - their goal is to "develop a solid architecture and plan athat will allow you the utmost flexibility later on."

NTI, Incorporated works in the area of Human Performance Assessment and Assessment, with an aim of "enhancing human efforts." It seems that they believe the Vitruvian Man represents the ideal in Human Performance, as he is the primary figure on their homepage.

source: NTI Inc


In a completely different vein, Chef Express is a pizza franchise in India. It aims to project an image of connection with Italy through the use of Renaissance art images. On their website, the Vitruvian Man has a remarkable similarity to pizza...

source: Chef Express