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We felt a bit of "reconstruction envy" for all those folks making fun machines for their final project.

But, not to fear! Courtesy of Justin's digital camera and a bit of PhotoShop wizardry, we present, for your viewing pleasure, our very own Vitruvian man (and woman).


photos: Caroline Clabaugh

Justin's armspan is as wide as he is tall, as shown by his precise fit into a square. An ideal man? The jury's still out.


photos: Justin Santamaria

Caroline's arms seem to be a bit short of a square... or maybe her legs are just too long!

reconstruction statistics

An interesting statistic related to reconstruction of the Vitruvian Man: in the past two hundred years, anthropometry has shown that span exceeds height in 59-78% of normal adult white men. ( GD Scott, The extent of man from Vitruvius to Marfan. In Lancet 19-26 Dec 1992, p 1518-20).