Meet Kevin and Sylvia, the masterminds behind this paint project.



Sylvia Bereknyei is a fifth year coterminal student in Anthropological Sciences. She enjoys dying from taking the GREs, which she failed, because of this project. She is looking forward to going to London for New Year's and assisting Kevin in his early morning vocal renditions of RENT.

Recent Publications: None.

Kevin Shen is a junior majoring in Computer Systems Engineering. He enjoys food and sleep. Both of these have been missing due to this project. He hopes that he will not die of cancer due to yellow pigment. Kevin prides himself in running out of the room after contact with the yellow pigment while Sylvia continued to pour it without gloves onto her hands.

Recent Publications: None.



"Apparently, gesso is spelled with a G"

"Yeah, this is just about the most dangerous think that you can do" (store clerk referring to making tempera paint with dry pigments).

"We have cancer in a bottle"

"Gesso is the bane of my existence…so is this yellow"

"Yellow will kill me"

"It's billowing in the f@#!ing wind!"

Kevin to Sylvia: "Do you think it's a problem that cancer's going down the drain?"
Sylvia: "Don't ask me this NOW!"