Dissecting Leonardo's Anatomy
The Leg

The Foot


The Leg and Foot

On the leg:

"What are the muscles of the leg which serve only the simple movements of the foot, and what are those of this leg which serve only the simple
movements of the digits of this foot?  And remember, when clothing the bones of the legs with their muscles, do draw first the muscles which move the feet and which you will attach to the feet" (qtd. in O'Malley 75).



































On the muscles in the leg and foot:

"The muscles that move the toes at their points, both below and above, all appear in the leg between the knee and the joint of the foot; and those that move the whole toe upwards and downwards appear on the upper and lower side of the foot; an and as the hand works with its arm so does the foot with the leg" (qtd. in MacCurdy 98).











On portraying the foot:

"Make the bones of the foot separated somewhat from one another so that one may readily distinguish one from the other, and this will be the means of giving knowledge of the number of the bones of the foot and of
their shape" (qtd. in O'Malley 12.)